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Your arguments about Saa S are irrelevant and juvenile.

Just cause Atlasssian, or any Saa S provider, has access doesn't mean I, or my management team, should.

Saying "well we run our email server in house so we just solve this problem with a policy" is fine.

Having been in the position of needing to access historical e-mail records while investigating CFO malfeasance and fraud, I'd say its downright irresponsible to not have the ability and policy necessary to monitor and review communications in extenuating circumstances.

You're looking at it from the perspective of malfeasance/fraud.

As for criticizing motivations, disingenuity was the more polite assumption compared to the alternative: that he is ignorant of the legal, technical, and historical context to the degree that he actually believes Hip Chat's changes are unique or novel or questionable in any way.

Entities in a technologically privileged position are limited only by policy.

You're being disingenuous; it's the status quo because having the ability to monitor user communications is the default and inherent legal and technical nature of conveying communications over company owned infrastructure.

If you don't want to "be an asshole", set a clear company policy and move on.

Please reconsider this feature, or at least, reconsider its implementation. This was pretty stunning at first, but after thinking about it my guess is simply organizations that use Jira are the kind of organizations that want/need to keep tabs on all employee communications.

Which hey, I get that for some companies they need that for one reason or another. We run local e-mail and IM servers; the only thing that protects user communications on company owned infrastructure is our company policy. What I find far more alarming -- and quite hypocritical from Saa S users seemingly suddenly concerned with privacy -- is that when I communicate with companies and individuals that use Saa S providers like Google Apps, the party with which I'm communicating implicitly shares my private correspondence with a Saa S company that engages in massive cross-internet data collection.

By all means, allow it as an option for customers that feel the need to spy on their employees, but let us turn it off. I suppose workers need to assume any communication system that is provided by the company may be read at any time by management.

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