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Jeff Smulyan (founder and CEO, Emmis Broadcasting): Emmis was a company that was betting on the rise of FM.Phil Mushnick (columnist, New York Post): Emmis means “the truth” in Yiddish.

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That’s what sets it apart from Boston and Pittsburgh and every other place.

The intramural squabbles that we have are enough to fuel a radio station all by itself.

The deal is dead.” The next day, Rick Cummings and Doyle Rose came up to me and said, “We feel bad.

We feel like we owe you one and even though this is an incredibly stupid idea, let’s try it.” We don’t have hostility at Emmis, we have needling rights.

In a couple years’ time, WFAN changed its management, its programming (one word: Imus), and eventually its owner.

The callers, though — they were there from the beginning.

Every 15 minutes we’ll be updating the sports scores.

Look at how much business Sports Phone does in New York City.” At the time Sports Phone was a big deal for gamblers, for people who wanted to get up-to-the-minute sports scores, and they made a lot of money.

Talking and talking and talking about last night’s game, next Tuesday’s lineup, Kobe’s postseason surgery schedule for 2015, the potential host city for the Super Bowl in 2056, a possible stigmata sighting on Mariano Rivera’s pitching hand, and, sometimes, hockey.

Point blank: This is our most enduring national debate. Howie Rose (host, “Mets Extra”): From the moment Jeff Smulyan got hold of WHN in New York, 1050 AM, it was rumored he might be going all sports.

If you’re a Mets fan, you’ve got your strong constituency but just as strong is that group of Yankee fans who want to give you the business.

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