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Some economists consider that the economic system is a set of all kinds of economic activities of people during their interaction directed on manufacture, exchange, distribution and consumption of goods and services.

On regulation of economic activities according to the purpose of a society.

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Our University is situated in the centre of Chernivtsi.

It has three major buildings: one of them is situated in Shterna street, other in the Sadova street and in the Lomonosova street.

Ukraine is situated in the Central part of Eastern Europe, it has a very favorable position on the development of its infrastructure, because a lot of ways.

The modern economic system of Ukraine is in a transitive phase of the development from command economy to new system of managing – models of market economy.

In 2011, I have entered to Bukovina State Finance Academy, now it Bukovina State University of Finance and Economics.

This University has earned its most reliable reputation for many years.

This university has three buildings in the centre of the city, also already under construction the fourth building. The students may use the information from local and global computer networks. My name is Sergiy, and I want to present foreign investor with the economic system of Ukraine.

Let me tell you first of all about the geographical position of Ukraine.

Also we have modern classrooms, studies, well-equipped laboratories with personal computers where we can study different subjects: microeconomics, macroeconomics, Business Economics and other.

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