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But it was so much worse to have to face up to simply looking old. Apart from the huge expense and weeks of recovery, as the mother of three children — aged 13, ten and six — I couldn’t justify risking a general anaesthetic unless it was absolutely necessary.

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In fact, if you decided to greet inevitable comments like ‘Gosh, you look well’ and ‘You must tell me which foundation you use’ with a knowing smile, no one need ever know you’d succumbed to a secret moment of vanity.

While I’m all for gilding the lily (I never leave home without a good smearing of make-up and regularly have my grey hair highlighted), I never imagined I would go so far as to have foreign bodies inserted in my face in my quest for eternal youth.

But I became far more receptive to the idea a few months ago when, aged 46, I was shown an alarmingly jowly profile photograph of myself, taken by my ten-year-old daughter Isobel.

I’d not seen myself in profile for some time and struggled with the harsh truth: my face, like the rest of me, was heading south.

Maize has become a staple food in many parts of the world, with total production surpassing that of wheat or rice.

However, not all of this maize is consumed directly by humans.

Even without make-up, I could see I looked much better: like a fresher, less exhausted version of myself.

And because the reflection staring back at me appeared less tired, I felt like I had more energy.

Better still, the results promised to be subtle and discreet, so there was no danger of me looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein — infamous as the Bride of Wildenstein after extreme plastic surgery wrecked her face.

While threadlifts have for years been the beauty treatment of choice for the rich and famous — Madonna is understood to be among them — who want to rejuvenate without looking like they’ve been through a wind tunnel, what’s new about the Silhouette Soft technique are its ‘bi-directional cones’. and introduced here last year) are dotted with cones pointing up and down.

With the procedure’s previous incarnation, the cones only pointed downwards, embedding themselves into the facial tissue to keep the thread in place, and at the same time causing inflammation beneath the skin to stimulate production of collagen, the protein that provides scaffolding for the face. As well as stimulating collagen production, the upward ones push into facial tissue, making skin tauter and giving more of a lift.

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