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Apart from that, a good (but sometimes unstable) site with some nice (and not so nice)users… I'm happy they're an addition and not a replacement for the much loved Digi Chat.This is a place worth checking out and getting to know people who frequent this site…

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Read Full Review They are being way to strict with there rules I been in this chat for a long time to know so. I'm in college and studying medicine as well, and has a part job as vet assistant with my cousin.

I can also agree that I am the age of 20 year old now. If you want to know me more I also has FB/Twitter/instagram. And because of the age limit that was set to (13-19) has been changed to (13-20)…

There is a forum too which is great for catching up on the daily gossip lol. Read Full Review I don't know what's in this but I really want to tell every one it iz better than love kind of things !

Please don't mind this but every 1 have waste them time like this kind of rooms :) Good iz this k you can understand the others mantalty And bad thing iz that its really wasting of time…

It helped me come to terms with my sexuality and know I'm not alone out there. The users were generally very friendly with the occassional troublemaker.

Many rooms to choose from and a message boards too.. Mods were relatively fair and didn't seem flippant with the consequences they dealt.

I like that it helps me with my typing skills, too.

I very much recommend 321chat but more so, their senior chat room. Read Full Review The chat room itself is pretty decent. The color choices for text need to be updated since the mods don't like the people in the chat room to use colors such as; yellow, bright blue, light gray, or white.

Read Full Review 321 has been around a long time and they've had many changes over the years.

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