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Zonal refractive multifocal IOLs, such as Re Zoom, create several simultaneous images.They allow a patient to view an object at all distances.

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When the ciliary body contracts, the optics move apart, which increases lens power and provides optimum near acuity.

The Light Adjustable Lens (Calhoun Vision) is a cutting-edge adjustable IOL designed specifically to lessen the potential for unsatisfactory refractive outcomes following implantation. Synchrony dual-optic accommodating intraocular lens. Part 1: optical and biomechanical principles and design considerations.

Additionally, the Tecnis Multifocal IOL is composed of an acrylic material with chromatic aberration correction, which helps optimize the focus of normal white light for both distance and near vision.

Accommodating IOLs attempt to simulate the patient’s natural accommodation process by changing power in response to ocular muscle contraction.

Today, you may be able to see near, far and everywhere in between — as well as you did in your 20s and 30s.

You can work on your computer, read the newspaper and see in the distance — all without the need for glasses, bifocals or contact lenses.

However, this ability can cause the patient to experience a variety of undesirable visual aberrations, including night glare, halo and starburst.. It is a second-generation, refractive multifocal lens that distributes light across five optical zones.

These zones are varied proportionally to provide optimal vision under different lighting conditions..

Today, there are three primary multifocal IOL options in the United States: Re Zoom (Abbott Medical Optics), Acry Sof Re STOR (Alcon) and Tecnis (Abbott Medical Optics).

Multifocal lenses are classified as either as zonal refractive or diffractive.

In fact, many patients who elect for accommodating IOL implantation still require reading glasses to supplement near vision.

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