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With the help of several of her therapists, and with the support of the senator, legislation was drafted and introduced into the state legislature which essentially would have prohibited insurance companies from using IMEs at all to determine benefits in auto cases.Prior to the bill's introduction, the therapists had contacted every other treating provider they knew, encouraging them to write or call their own representatives in support of the measure, and also asking them to alert other professionals and victims of IMEs of the effort and the process.His medical coverage was denied by the goverment because if this evaluation.

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THe story of USMC James Moore a Survivor of PTSD TBI several broken bones blownout eardrums after his Vehical hit by an IED in Iraq I was sent to Germany where Doctors there did a great job saving his life and getting him ready for the next step in recovery.

He was sent to Colorado springs for recovery and then to Denver's Craig Hospital..after months of treatment they sent to Dr Greg Thwaites in Greeley to get an Neurological evaluation he spent about 45 minutes in the waiting room while this doctor played grabass with his 19 year old techs and then told James Moore that these is no evidence that he is still having PTSD and TBI problems.

For example, one of the members of the "team", a psychiatrist who also sat on the board of directors of a major insurance company, performed over 200 consecutive auto IMEs in a several-year period, without ever finding a single case of emotional or intellectual problem that he could attribute to the motor vehicle accident.

The vast majority of patients were labeled "malingerers", and the rest had "pre-existing psychiatric disorders." In at least one case, this included a young man who had crashed his motorcycle into the side of a truck and lay in a coma for two weeks.

I was also a victim of An IME he tried to sentence me to life in a wheel chair by reporting that I was not in need of this treatment but I never gave up.

i have the use of my legs and now kick the IME in the ass as much as I can.

You get what you give, You write horrible reports to gain a few buck and more work thrown your way by the insruance companys.

And then you cry when someone writes the same about you!

The insurance industry's initial attempts to kill the bill were blocked because by that time legislators from all over the state had been barraged by doctors and patients who wrote or called expressing their support for the need of reform, and the bill was allowed to proceed to the committee stage, where public hearings were scheduled. In terms of mental illness, we have good information on that also.

Now, the organizing therapists began enlisting auto accident patients to show up for the hearings to tell their stories of how they had been treated by their insurers. A recent very excellent study on a large population base showed that 16% of people had a disabling episode of depression at least one time in their life. The suicide rate, as you may know, is higher in physicians than in civilians, so it may well be that our mental illness problem is even greater, but there is certainly no reason to think it is less.

Its sad to here that some of these Doctors that had so much potential sold out.

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