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The owners created a calendar in 2009 showing the various pups from the first litter on each month.

Shortly afterward they created a mousepad and a number of greeting cards, which also featured images of the pups.

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By December 7, 2008, Autumn, Akoni, and Ando had been adopted by new owners.

Two other pups, Aki and Amaya, went to their new homes later that month around December.

The C-Team puppies are, in order of birth: Chozen, aka "Zen" (boy); Chame (boy); Chisaki, aka "Saki" (girl); Charlotte (girl); Chiyoko, aka "Yo-Yo" (girl); and Chikara (boy).

The last boy pup, Chikara, has the highest birth weight of any of the pups at 11 ounces.

A new black-and-tan female pup was added to the household at the end of September 2016 and given the name of Minori with the call name of "Nori".

It is believed that this female will enter the AKC dog show circuit and possibly be the couple's new foundation girl moving forward once all appropriate health tests have been verified.

As in the original litter there are six puppies, three of each sex.

Unlike the previous two litters, the "C-Team" sire was a black-and-tan Shiba (a Japanese-born dog by the name of Kurosuzutama Go Aomori Sakaesou); however, despite the sire's color, all the puppies are red.

This litter of pups are referred to as the "F-team" to mark the 6th litter that the couple have raised in their home.

The litter had five pups in total; four female and one male.

The collars associated with the pups of the A-Team are: Autumn (purple collar); Ayumi (yellow collar); Amaya (red collar); Aki (green collar); Akoni (black collar); and Ando (green collar).

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