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Many singles ministries address this need by providing divorce recovery workshops to help a person sort through the confusion that results from a divorce and begin the healing process.We need to have an equally high standard on marriage, though.The Emotional Need Some people ask, "Why do we need a specific class or group for single adults?

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(See sidebar: "Which Are the Largest Single Adult Groups?

") These statistics show the vast number of single adults in today’s society.

When issues surrounding singleness hit close to home, our attention is not far away. Household Trends 1970 to 2010)) Author and speaker Carolyn Koons said, "The church needs to expand its term ‘family,’ moving from a traditional family definition to one that includes singles, widows, single-parent families, extended families, expanded families, stepfamilies, and blended families.

The Numerical Need (See also: Which are the largest Single-Adult Groups? We must become the family we are—the family of God."1 Statistics on single adults in America are growing rapidly and affecting lifestyles and family types.

I have others I can talk to who are being stretched by God in the same ways I am." Greg Davis, Castro Valley, California, states, "Because of common experiences, there is a greater understanding of the struggles, as well as help and encouragement.

People without common experiences may sympathize (feel for you), but cannot empathize (feel with you), because they do not have similar experiences (2 Corinthians 1:4).A Rutgers University National Marriage Project report found that the nation’s "marriage rate has dipped by 43 percent in the past four decades.Americans still cherish the ideal of marriage but are pessimistic about finding a lasting marriage partner and are more accepting of alternatives to marriage, including living together and single parenting with a partner outside of marriage."2 While marriage’s front door has been closing slowly, its back door has been widening fast.But the purpose of ministry to singles is to help them see they are the church and to help them come to a place of ministry." The U. church must be aware of and involved with the needs and issues of single and single-again persons.They represent an ever-increasing segment of society.Thirty years ago, 35 in 1,000 Americans were divorced.

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