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You can certainly keep a chilly distance from people whose behavior you object to, but I wouldn’t recommend confronting someone you don’t seem close to about something that you don’t know for sure is happening and which really isn’t your business if it is.

I suppose if you’re determined to address this in some way, regardless of the above, the best way to do it might be to tell the man (since he’s the married one) something like: “Hey Bill, I wanted to give you a heads-up that there’s a lot of gossip going around about you and Beth.

I’m sure there’s nothing to it, but that kind of thing can really affect someone’s career, to say nothing of rumors getting back to your wife, so I wanted to make sure you knew.” The slacking off is a different issue.

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If we've learned one thing from the past couple of years, it's that about half the country disagrees with us, no matter which "side" we're on.

Personal politics have always been a danger zone for office conversation, but in today's polarized environment, they're particularly treacherous.

It's OK to ask decision makers questions about how your company ensures its salary ranges are on target; it might not be helpful to chat about your raise (or lack thereof) with your colleagues.

Whether you're struggling with a health issue or your child is having problems at school, confiding in coworkers can create further issues for you.

It’s not common knowledge, but it’s illegal for employers to forbid or prevent you from discussing your pay.

Despite this, it’s not at all uncommon for companies to strongly discourage you from doing so, even going so far as including contract clauses demanding you keep matters of compensation confidential.

Our office is rife with gossip regarding a married man in our office and young single co-worker.

The man has a brand new baby at home and knowing that he is having an affair behind his wife’s back is rather upsetting to some of us on moral and character grounds, but also it is making us uncomfortable (wife drops in sometimes) and is a distraction.

It’s bad for morale for all of us to be working full stop and see them goofing of a good part of each day. If they can’t be reprimanded for being causing full blown gossip epidemic, they could at least be disciplined for wasting company time?

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