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Whether you are looking for the your soul mate or someone to enjoy dates with, Afro Caribbean singles are the perfect choice.

Minaean, Sabaean, Qatabanian, and Ḥaḍramawtian are the four known South Arabic dialects of ancient times.

The earliest South Arabic inscriptions, dating from the 8th century BCE, are in the Minaean dialect.

The event starts promptly at 7.30 so be sure to arrive on time!

Due to the elite venue, they have a strict dress code; smart casual, no trainers, hoods or hats.

For more information about the event or to book a ticket join ‘The Biggest Afro Caribbean Party’ group on Facebook.

Getting involved in Afro Caribbean dating has never been easier.

Modern dialects of the language include Mahrī, Shaḥrī (Eḥkalī), Ḥarsūsī, and Baṭḥarī on the Arabian shore of the Indian Ocean and Suquṭrī on Socotra.

Ḥarsūsī has been influenced by Arabic to a greater extent than have the other dialects.

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