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There’s a specific section of the Help Center to further clarify these rules.

Alcohol advertising is permitted in countries where it’s legal with appropriate targeting (more details here).

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Here are some factors that may greatly influence your approval time: Takeaway: Again these are all speculations, but I think they’re pretty likely.

Analyzing some random accounts on Ad Espresso, we often saw that the review time decreased the longer you’ve been advertising on Facebook.

This is not the case, of course, because Facebook Ad targeting is always anonymous. but you never have access to their personal information.

Since most Facebook users don’t know exactly how Facebook Advertising works, they can get easily concerned about privacy.

They should try, of course, to attract the user’s attention in a positive way.

Another big thing that really scares users is thinking that their personal information has been exposed.

The same ad might be approved by someone and not approved by someone else. Takeaway: If you think your ad is fine, you can try to republish it.

But too many rejected ads might raise red flags on your Facebook advertising account.

We’ve gone over the rules time and again, and we’re here to share the most recent updates on Facebook’s policies and demystify once and for all why ads do and don’t get approved.

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