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Before the show premiered, it was said that she had an artificial body, but none of the episodes ever proved this.

She forces Pim to be friends with Debbie, though Pim hates Debbie.

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However, shortly after they begin dating, Pim helps Lloyd finally repair the time machine.

Keely asks Phil to wait for her in the future, which he agrees to.

The Diffys struggle to make Curtis seem like a normal person, and often pretend he is Phil's uncle. Vice Principal Hackett (born 1969) is the Vice Principal at Phil, Keely, and Pim's school, H. He is often found snooping around the Diffys' house as he tries to figure out where they are really from, though he believes they are aliens. Debbie (born 1990) is the complete opposite of Pim and she has a very happy attitude towards life. She doesn't like raisins or chihuahuas or naughty nibblers. Debbie used to date Bradley until Pim broke them up by changing Debbie's personality but Debbie went back to normal. It was revealed that she can hold a note for a very long time when Pim tried to sabotage her as revenge for removing her in the band.

Her plan backfired because Debbie instead got a standing ovation. It was revealed in the Halloween special that she was a "happy" cyborg made by a cyborg-making company. Though she can be spoiled and snobby sometimes, she is friendly and described as the girl next door by Phil; replaced by Via in season 2, due to Brenda Song leaving the show to star in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Phil Diffy (born 2107) is the main character in the series. He seems to be the most "in tune" with how things work in this century.

He is a freshman in season 1 and sophomore in season 2, at H. Phil frequently has to make up excuses to hide the fact that he is from the future.During the Diffys' stay, Lloyd and Curtis get jobs at the Mantis hardware store. Barbara Diffy (née Speckle; born 2076) is Phil and Pim's mom.She is very interested in how things work in this century.The series began airing again (as reruns) as part of Disney Replay.It also aired in select countries such as Canada (Family Channel).He is the best friend and later boyfriend of Keely Teslow. Keely Teslow (born March 1990) is Phil's best friend and later girlfriend.

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