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Juliet University because the schedule we have in that program and the demand for it, it was hard to do other sports.So I just just had to choose, and I just chose basketball. It was in January, so right before playoffs started. They were there through it all and really stuck by me.

Once I did that kind of self-check the first two years when I got cut, and even my first year in Seattle, I was like, You got to figure out what you can do that’s going to make a positive impact that still speaks to who you are as a person and a player. Once I understood that, every year, things just got a lot easier. The outside noise doesn’t bother me anymore because I’m solid in what my role is and I know what my job is, and it’s good when you can finally get to that place.

So for me, once I found out my work ethic is why I got here, my IQ is why I got here. SLAM: Who helped keep up your confidence during those difficult times?

So my sophomore year is when I started getting serious about it. SLAM: How did that affect your college recruitment? But there were some schools—because it was my junior year, so it was still far out. SLAM: Was it difficult to find your role once you made it to the WNBA?

SLAM: And you ended up getting a serious hip injury in high school, right? AC: Honestly, the big name schools weren’t recruiting me highly anyway just because I was new to the area, and I was still kind of new to basketball. But obviously the concern because it was the Bo Jackson injury that ended his career. AC: I’m going to be completely honest, it was really hard because as a player, you have an identity, and growing up, you’ve been playing for a long time.

AC: Oh man, my rookie year in Seattle, I was on a team with probably the most amazing veterans you could ever put on one team with Tanisha Wright, Tina Thompson, Katie Smith.

That was the year with Lauren [Jackson] and Sue [Bird] being there.“Once she showed the confidence that she had in me, I was like, If she can believe in me, and this is one of the best players ever in the history of the game, then why can’t I believe in myself? Relying on the work ethic and IQ that defined her as a player, Clark was able to remake her career as a highly efficient shooter and lock-down defender.And in a way, her role has come full circle, as she’s now one of the leaders in the Storm locker room, guiding Seattle’s young and talented roster to a potential 2016 playoff birth.I think Jewell and Stewie know, when the torch is passed, what is expected. They want to be the second-best duo because right now Sue and Lauren are the best duo out of Seattle.They know, and they want to be great, and they work every day to make sure that they are.After leading all NCAA Division-I players in scoring in 20, Clark was drafted in the second round by the San Antonio Stars in 2010 but was waived in training camp, and then again a year later after being given another chance.

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