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After her graduation, she started her boxing career in 2004.

She along with fellow boxer started a non-profit organization titled “Knockout for Girls” which was dedicated to providing boxing lessons and scholarships to underprivileged girls.

She along with fellow Survivor contestant Amanda Kimmel appeared in the movie Into the Blue 2.

She was also the host of the web series Around the World For Free which started airing on July 5, 2011.

Ozzy remained a confident, often arrogant competitor, and this proved to be his undoing.

He had worked his way into the driver's seat by not only finding the hidden Immunity Idol, but also crafting a fake Idol that fooled Jason. IGN TV: Was it weird competing against people like Erik and Jason who clearly idolized you? Just because, I mean, they sort of had a personal vendetta…maybe not a vendetta, but a strong goal of trying to beat me at whatever, so they were trying so hard at everything to best me.this season and seemingly picked up where he left off in the Cook Islands by dominating physical challenges and making easy work of island life.Once again he had us wondering if he was part monkey, or part fish, or perhaps just Aquaman.The opposing alliance was made up of Ami Cusack, Eliza Orlins, Jonathan Penner and Yau-Man Chan; this left Cirie and Jonny Fairplay in the middle as swing votes.After Fairplay had asked his tribemates to vote him out at the first tribal council, it left Cirie as the lone swing vote in the game.She completed her Bachelors in Arts majoring in Journalism from the University of Georgia with minors as French and Italian.

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