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in 2010, she then went on to win the Sho West 'Breakthrough Female Star of the Year' award and in 2012, the cast of won the Satellite Awards' 'Best Ensemble'.10.Although she doesn't show it, Seyfried has openly admitted that she suffers badly from stage fright, meaning she has never performed in theatres.

She has ruled out performing in the West End, despite saying she would like to do it.

She has said that one day she hopes to conquer her nerves altogether, and hopefully she will.

“We kissed really well together,” Seyfried once told me about the latter. If I watch the scene, it’s actually really sexy…We got it done for the masses, and, sadly, the masses didn’t show up.” (The film did not fare terribly well at the box office.)Because she mixes things up creatively—going from a comedy like her first film, 2004’s which does not yet have a release date—Seyfried is a little mysterious.

By design, she is a chameleon, able to fit into different worlds, rather than a “movie star,” playing one character over and over. In real life, I’m not sure anyone sees me as hip.”Growing up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Seyfried lived a kind of double life: During high school, she was cast in a role for which she had to commute to Manhattan.

“In Noah’s film, I play a hipster girl who lives in Brooklyn,” Seyfried told me during our phone call. Simultaneously, she managed to attend classes and go to four proms (“I was addicted to the whole ballroom thing”). When you’re young, it’s hard to get together with your costar. A lot of my costars have been sexy guys my age who are really respectful and cool. I’m not going to pretend it’s opposite Justin Timberlake.

“I met my first boyfriend on a soap opera,” she told me. It’s not always the greatest idea, but the experience of making a television show or a movie is so intimate and romantic. She is currently dating the comedic actor Justin Long and is more reluctant to discuss her personal life.

Amanda Seyfried was born on December 3, 1985 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to parents Ann and Jack.

Her mother was an occupational therapist and her father a pharmacist.

At that point, the attention is no longer on you, and you suddenly feel like a princess.

The magic of Hollywood hits me at odd, unexpected moments.”This year, Seyfried wasn’t planning on attending the Academy Awards.

Anne Hathaway diminished in size as she committed to drastic weight loss for her role in Les Miserables, but her co-star Amanda Seyfried says she struggles to understand it.

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