American military dating Adult chat like literotica

That CNN piece has brought in a LOT of information.

It did exactly what I think Emily, Abbie and I wanted to do which was bring attention to this.

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Let’s get started…This post will be updated as photos are submitted to me.

If you are being scammed by someone using these photos, please put your stories in the comments section.

Now, for anyone that knows anything about the Army uniform, knows that this is NOT an officer’s uniform. No explanation about why the name and email address are different.

These are supposedly of someone going by the name Tom Curtis. Because of the size of each photo, they were obviously taken from either a My Space or Facebook page. These are supposedly of a” Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Lanois” from Cleveland North Carolina…and is presently stationed in Afghanistan in a “very dangerous are” in Kabul and that he is with the Second Falcon Bridge Combat Team 82 SF Base. Probably tired of creating new Yahoo accounts and keeping up with them. Says he was in 24 years, wants to retire and marry his victims and has money aplenty.

If you have a photo that is being used to scam women by using photos of military personnel, send to cj[at]soldiersperspective[dot]us and I will update this post.

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