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These conditions were also favorable for the concentration of gold, and placers were formed where ever streams from auriferous areas entered the basins.

The purity of the placer gold averages, as usual, higher than that of the veins.

A fineness of 900 to 990 is obtained from Canyon Creek, the bench gravels of the Upper Burnt River and the Winterville Placers, at Susanville and Dixie Creek the gold is 860 fine.

The bed rock may be any one of the formations found in the region.

In mountains which have been covered by glaciers during the ice epoch placers are rarely found.

According to their geological age the placers may be divided into: 1. --Deposits of this age are preserved only when covered by volcanic flows.

Owing to the fact that these flows mainly covered the foothills and the lower part of the mountains and no uplift accompanied by deep erosion has occured since, these channels mostly lie below the present drainage level.

Pieces worth 0 and 0 were found at the latter place in the clean-up of the fall of 1900.

Ordinarily gold is obtained varying in size from that of a mustard grain to a wheat grain.

West of Baker City is the gold belt of the southern Elkhorn Range, with the once celebrated camps of Auburn, Pocahontas, and Minersville.

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