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He can’t see them but they can see him, and are more than happy to chat tactics, performance and foul-ups, the second Stian faces a challenge.

Worldwide premiere screening followed by a case study with Martin Lund (creator, writer, director) and Fredrik Støbakk (producer, Ape&Bjørn).

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Screening of a montage of extracts with Félicia Viti (creator, writer, director), Cécile Vargaftig (co-writer), Michèle Casalta (producer, Mouvement) et Marc Degli-Esposti (head of France 3 Corse Via Stella).

Country: France Original idea: Félicita Viti Screenwriters: Félicita Viti, Cécile Vargaftig Directors: Félicita Viti, Philippe Raffalli Producers: Michèle Casalta Production: Mouvement Broadcaster: France 3 Corse Via Stella Distributor: Mouvement With: Oceane Court-Mallaroni, Anna-Marie Filippi, Camille Tissot, Antoine Albertini, Jeremy Alberti, Charlotte Deniel Format: 8x26Date of broadcast: March 2018Photo credits: Mouvement Close Stian has two sports presenters following him as they give a running commentary on every aspect of his life.

Great head placement and subtlety made her lovely to watch.

Vincent Cabot as the Prince provided us with a well controlled and understated adage variation in which he lamented the news that he must make a wise marriage as opposed to one of the heart: again the stage size limited his leaps and elevation throughout the performance but he managed to depict a Prince dutiful but with a capricious romance in his heart.

During 3 days of screenings and meetings, without competition, Série Series shows the “best” part of European series creation and invite their creators to speak about their work.

Our aim is to give, transmit and share passion about series.

Country: Norway Original title: Heimbane Original idea: Johan Fasting Screenwriters: Johan Fasting, Christian Almerud Owe, Linn-Jeanethe Kyed, Erlend Loe Directors: Arild Andresen, Cecilie Moslie, Yngvild Flikke, Stian Kristiansen, Eirik Svensson Composer: Aslak Hartberg Production: NRK, Motlys Producer: Vilje Kathrine Hagen Executive Producers: Yngve Sæther, Vegard Stenberg Eriksen Broadcasters: NRK Distributeur Distributor: DR Sales Casting: Ane Dahl Torp, John Carew, Emma Bones, Axel Bøyum, Morten Svartveit Format: 10 x 45’Date of broadcast: Mar. When the director of the Grangier & Cie private bank is found in a coma, his sister suspects foul play.

The answer may lie as much in the bank, as in the family.

A duet during the palace scene with Robert Noble and Inês Ferriera was tentative at times but carried a charm, perhaps, because of this.

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