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It is a voluntary partnership between law enforcement agencies, broadcasters and transportation agencies to activate an urgent bulletin in the most serious child-abduction cases where there is enough information to make the alert effective.

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AMBER Alerts are distributed to cell phones as part of the AMBER Alert program's secondary distribution through the Wireless Emergency Alert program which is also known as the Commercial Mobile Alert System.

The Wireless Emergency Alert program is operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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The new plant features the latest in assembly-line robotics, enterprise resource planning, renewable energy generation and water recycling.

“We seek strategic alliances with other Chinese bicycle brands as we offer our manufacturing facilities to them,” Chang says.

Country Business Reports interviews and articles by Discovery Reports is shedding its image as a mere production site for the world’s top bicycle brands. The company has been manufacturing or designing bicycles for leading European and American brands for almost 30 years.

For the first time this year, however, Yong Qi will launch its own Chinese brand of premium bicycles.

AMBER Alerts have a unique audible signal and vibration.

The unique signal and vibration are intended to indicate the urgency of the message and make the alert accessible to people with hearing or vision-related disabilities.

For the bike specialist, there is no better way to introduce itself to the local market than by using its own company name – the Yong Qi line – as its first brand created for mainland China.

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