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The new Armenian church soon struck a course independent of the founding church at Caesarea Cappadociae (now Kayseri, Turkey), though it developed in close relationship with the Syrians, who provided it with scriptures and liturgy and much of its basic institutional terminology.

Cyril of Alexandria, which proclaimed “one incarnate nature of the Word.” After Chalcedon, the Armenian church was considered by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches to be ), despite his incarnation in a human body.

But like the other “pre-Chalcedon” or Oriental Orthodox churches—churches in the Caucasus, the Middle East, and Asia that did not offer allegiance to Rome or to Constantinople—the Armenian Apostolic Church in fact rejected monophysitism and promoted a doctrinal position known as ) nature in the person of Christ.

All singles start with some small talk and getting to know each other.

If two Apostolic single hearts find common language, they develop this connection to a more meaningful level.

Relationships between the catholicoses have on occasion been strained by political tensions.

Whereas the supreme catholicos resides in Armenia, Armenian nationalists (Dashnaks) tend to support the see of Cilicia.

A synod of 17 bishops deposed him, and the monk Kirakos was elected catholicos at Ejmiadzin in 1441, the first in a long line of prelates bearing the title “Catholicos of All Armenians.”The Armenian Apostolic Church comprises four sees.

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