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I’m thinking Abby might like a little Russell Stover chocolate during the holidays.But she was gonna suck it up and werk that hard hat like a Boss.

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And Abby Lee Miller, of all people, was more than willing to take a big whiff and get down on it.

All things considered, as everyone rolled in for the newest Anti-Chloe Pyramid of Shame, the mood was still fairly chilled.

Those expecting a return of Paige and Brooke for the rest of the season will unfortunately be disappointed, because Kelly vs.

Something toxic must have leaked into the local water supply overnight, because everyone on Dance Moms was feeling exceptionally giddy and romantical this week.

There was a little pre-game bickering between Holly and Jill, when Mrs.

But the show is supposed to be about dysfunctional dancing, not hook ups, so before you knew it we were all back at the ALDC for more rehearsals.

And then when she showed up the next day wearing some crazy feathered mini capelet kind of thing….well…I just can’t.

And one of the judges was like totally 11 years old.

Bottom row of the Pyramid was home to Paige, Brooke and Kendall.

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