Automatic updating cross references

You can create a cross-reference to any of the following objects: When a cross-reference is created, a field is inserted into your document identifying the item you are referencing (e.g. In the example (See Table A), you would type the brackets and the word See before inserting Table A as a field, as explained below.

Fields are usually updated when a document is opened or printed.

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Cross-references are commonly used in indexes and within long documents to direct the reader's attention to another part of the document, such as an image or related table.

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In addition, you can manually update a field by pressing the F9 key.

For example: Thompson, supra note 4 (and have 4 be a cross reference).One feature that I get questions about is the cross-reference capability.This is the ability to insert text that references things like numbered paragraphs.Revisit that issue and once it's fixed come back to your cross reference and it should be there.You might notice that your cross-references may not update automatically as you edit the document.Select the one you want to cross-reference to and then click Insert.

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