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Here is an example:: If you are using the free version of Avira Antivirus, the hostname that must be used is personal.

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One of the restrictions that the personal version had was it cannot download the latest program updates and virus definitions from Avira’s fast premium servers which are only available to their paid premium subscribers.

The free users probably had to endure the slow and sometimes non responding update servers which are very critical in keeping your system protected against the latest 0-day viruses.

Make sure to choose an IP that is in the same continent as you are in for best performance.5.

Before you can start making changes in your HOSTS file, Avira by default protects the system’s HOSTS file against modification.

The hostname that you enter in the HOSTS file must match the version of Avira that is installed in the system or else there will be no effect.

You can easily test if the mappings are correct by pinging personal.and it should resolve to the new IP address.

Now visit to ping personal.from multiple locations worldwide to reveal the different Avira update servers.4.

You can force Avira on your computer to connect to any of the update server by mapping the hostname “personal.avira-update.com” to the specific IP address shown in Super-Ping in the system’s HOSTS file.

Are you having the problem to updating your Avira Product, if you want to fix the problems at the side of yourself?

Then you know about the problem in brief, why is came, what the reason, what is the process to fix, how to remove permanently, what is the methodology to removes it.

if your computer does not have an Internet connection. Note: No reinstallation of the program is needed for virus database updates!

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