Bad boy dating advice for men

Bad boy quote: “If I got it, it’s good enough.” #13 Break the rules. Danger is such an exciting thing for women to see men experiencing, and it really puts you above the rest of the competition.No smoking areas, do not walk on the grass signs—all negotiable. Bad boy quote: “Crash helmets are for wimps.” [Read: Good Vs.

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It definitely tainted my view of dating and basically had me thinking all men were a lost cause.

I thought the "nice guy" was an extinct species as imaginary as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

Because, no matter how much they fight it, every girl wants a bad boy!

Over the past few years, I've dated a string of, for lack of a better term, "bad boy" types—pathological liars, cheaters (I was the other woman), and f*ck buddies.

Bad boy quote: “I ain’t moving until I get a kiss.” [Read: 30 alpha male traits that’ll turn you into a real alpha overnight] #20 Don’t be scared to offend.

Be loud, be crass, be whatever you want to, and show that you aren’t afraid of showing the world exactly who you are.

In a strange way, the tables had turned with this guy.

I suddenly felt like the barbaric one, the bad girl with no table manners and a dirty mouth.

A shrug of the shoulders and a laconic dismissal is the most that anyone should get from you whenever such subjects arise. Exclamations of sympathy and understanding should be left to the chicks.

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