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“Here everyone has a fancy Ph D title and I’m just a retail employee” or “Here everyone’s tall and I’m short.”As I’ve written about before, it’s a losing game to try to make people like us.We want to make people like being Lesson learned: When you’re around people who intimidate you, don’t fall into the trap of trying to prove yourself to them. Instead, keep to the universal principles of likability.

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Now that we’re aware of this feeling and accept it, we’re ready for the next step.

You don’t want to walk around in life looking for people’s shortcomings.

You don’t want to look at these weaknesses from a bully’s perspective, but from a compassionate’s perspective: When I give this advice to my program participants, many instantly reply that “but the person I’m intimidated by doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses”.

But when I ask them to probe deeper, they’re surprised to find a lot.

A friend of mine is a prime example of an intimidating person.

She’s pretty, intelligent, confident, has a great education and a high-income job in finance.But when it comes to those who intimidate you, you need a powerful method to take them down from the mental pedestal you’ve put them on.One powerful way to do that is to think about what insecurities they might have.The intimidating person might have…Mini exercise: It’s hard to think about shortcomings when we’re standing eye to eye with someone who intimidates us.Instead, spend a moment right now to think about a specific person who intimidates you and what that person’s shortcomings might be.After all, you can’t remove feelings and most people get intimidated every once in awhile, so why not be okay with it?

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