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We believe that sex is a beautiful, God-given desire that can bring a husband and wife together in oneness.

We also believe sex is a thermometer that measures the depth of the relationship—its presence or absence often indicates the level of commitment and intimacy in other areas of your marriage.

The woman needs understanding, love, to be needed emotionally, and time to warm up to the sexual act.

The man's sexual response is acyclical, which means any time, anywhere.

Generally, men put a much higher priority on sex than women do, and women have a different orientation that demands a different approach. A man wants physical oneness; the woman desires emotional oneness. Touch, attitudes, actions, words, and the whole person stimulate the woman.

A man needs respect, admiration, to be needed physically, and respect.

Husbands will create conflict in a relationship when they focus on the physical side of sex and forget that the woman needs the relationship.

And wives often fail to understand how a man's self-image is vitally linked to his sexuality.

How much of what you read in this chart is true of your own sexual relationship with your spouse?

When we read through information like this, we are reminded of how God takes a man and woman with such different needs and uses those differences to complement each other—to create a "one flesh" relationship.

The woman's response is cyclical, which means she goes through times when she is more interested in sex than others.

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