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Thus, if a subject in a psi experiment can be shown to have had an opportunity to cheat, many critics seem to assume not merely that he probably did cheat but that he must have, regardless of what may be the complete absence of evidence that he did so cheat (and sometimes ignoring evidence of the subject's past reputation for honesty).

Similarly, improper randomization procedures are sometimes assumed to be the cause of a subject's high psi scores even though all that has been established is the possibility of such an artifact having been the real cause.

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He asserts that the claimant has not borne the burden of proof and that science must continue to build its cognitive map of reality without incorporating the extraordinary claim as a new "fact." Since the true skeptic does not assert a claim, he has no burden to prove anything.

He just goes on using the established theories _ d F~"conventional science'’ as usual. ) 3 critic asserts that there is evidence for disproof, that he has a negative hypothesis ( e.g., the conjecture that a seeming psi result was actually due to an artifact) , he is making a claim and therefore also has to bear a burden of proof* Sometimes, such negative claims by critics are also quite extraordinary (e.g., that a UFO was actually a giant plasma or that someone in a psi experi- ment was cued via an abnormal ability to hear a high pitch others with normal ears would fail to notice) , in which case the negative claimant also may have to bear a heavier burden of proof than might normally be expected.

Some argue, like Lombroso when he defended the mediumship of Palladino, that the presence of wigs does not deny the existence of real hair.

All of us must remember science can tell us what is empirically unlikely but not what is empirically impossible.

Thank you for your indulgence and your many kind letters urging me to continue this project.

Unlike our current politicians, I accept the blame along with the responsibility.

5 205 2 EDITORIAL My apology to all especially the authors of the articles in this issue — for your patience and encouragement in getting out this long overdue issue of ZS.

The true skeptic takes an agnostic position, one that says the claim is not proved rather than disproved .

Henceforth, to avoid future "catch-up" problems, ZS will officially be on an irregular schedule although I still hope to get at least two issues out per year.

I can only hope that the contents of this double-sized issue might in part compensate for the delay.

Whichever side end up with the true story, science best progresses through laboratory inves- tigations .

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