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Obviously straight folks prize smooth skin and nubile bodies as well, but there’s a certain way in which the youth cult gets hyper-concentrated among gay guys.

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It’s a commonplace to point out that, within the gay male community, youth—and the sexual attractiveness that supposedly comes with it—is a valuable currency.

There are also many young women who enjoy the company of a more mature man,...

While many women would like to date or marry a rich man, financial status is just one of a number of qualities they look for. You might think your breath is the only thing you need to worry about while perusing the menu, but think again.

There is speculation that this change is linked to the changing psychology of women.

As women have developed more financial independence some theories suggest that women are focusing more on male appearance than on finances.

“Still, they are subject to feeling socially invisible and depreciated in their later years, especially within the gay male community.” This is shameful—the very place they should feel at home and cared for should not be a source of stress.

There are many older men who have achieved success and made their money, who would love to date a younger, attractive woman.

I have long encouraged cross-generational conversation as a way of transmitting and preserving our history—but now we know it’s also essential to the health of the guys who made it possible for us to be out in the first place.

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