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Her second single “Leave (Remember Me)” was her greatest hit, achieving the main twenty on the Hot 100. In any case, follow-up singles, “When It Was Me” and “Simple” did not pick up footing.She later showed up in the MTV TV film Super Sweet 16: The Movie.

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Now, he's still making music and has had a long history of lovely ladies -- and is even rumored to be a dad!

There's actually not much known about Bow Wow's former lady loves, but we have a pretty good idea about some of the gals he's dated over the years. Some folks will tell you he's trying to get back with former flame Angela Simmons, who's actually in a relationship with another dude at this time.

She additionally went separate ways Arista taking after his flight.

She tried out for Season 6 of NBC’s singing rivalry, The Voice, as uncovered on her Twitter page.

lolthe girl he's "supposely" messing with lives in my city! lolbut hell he's young he can do it, for as settleing down i hope he choices someone with class.

Paula Deanda totally made me groove once again, better than the previous single. Heck, this song pretty much explains how the dating scene’s supposed to be like; “hot like a sauna”.However, she has had encounters with Timothy Mosely, Sean Kingston, Jovan Campbell, Daddy Yankee, Frankie J. Paula De Anda is an American singer-songwriter and actress.She initially came to conspicuousness with her initially single, “Doing Too Much”, which turned into a hit in the Southwest.Paula De Anda was born on November 3, 1989, in San Angelo, Texas, United States.She was born as Paula Dacia De Anda to Mexican American guardians Steven and Barbara, an eatery general supervisor and an enrolled nurse.Both Shakira and Blake Shelton turned their seats yet she selected Blake Shelton.

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