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The couple's house is well lit by life as it is and the birth of their first child made it look like a real life heaven.The duo welcomed their first child, a girl named Frankie Jean, on 27th December 2010.But first, Neal does his best to woo Rebecca (Bridget Regan), a book scholar, over a candlelit dinner -- until Peter and his wife, Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen), ruin the party.

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Let us find out more about their married life and their secret to a success marriage.

Bridget is known for her witty yet charismatic personality and that's is precisely why she has garnered so many fans.

Hoping to spend the holiday relaxing, a travel writer takes a traditional Christmas vacation for the first time.

Through a mix up on the rental site, she finds herself double-booked for the holidays with a widower, his young daughter and mom.

In fact, she got selected among comic book fans as well as critics as their ideal choice to portray ‘wonder Woman’.

Similarly, in 2014 she was also cast in the recurring role of Dottie for 2015 in the comic book based on television show . Bridget Regan is married to Eamon O’ Sullivan, an assistant director.

In season 12, it was revealed that Owen’s sister, a fellow army medic, was presumed dead in a helicopter crash, which caused a divide between her brother Owen Hunt (Kevin Mc Kidd) and her former boyfriend Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson).

Regan appeared in the role during a season 13 episode that included flashbacks to their time in the army together.

What begins as an inconvenience blossoms into much more.

, Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and Peter Burke (Tim De Kay) take on an unprecedented case for the Museum of Natural History: recovering a stolen Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and its egg.

Their daughter is all grown up now and we must admit that she looks just as beautiful as her mother.

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