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(The airplane was extremely light, however.) The only problem was heating; the CHTs rose rapidly because of the low airspeed.

The proper technique for a go-around would be to maintain level flight initially while cleaning up and accelerating.

One is simply that I am in a period of slackened interest in working on it; my interest in various projects -- improvements on the airplane, repairs on my son's newly purchased house in Ojai, adding capabilities to my lofting/CFD software, translating a German memoir of my father's and editing another, working on a Melmoth 1 memoir of my own, and of course the usual article-writing and its attendant research -- rises and falls, and at the moment a lot of my free time is going into trips to Ojai and the translating and editing work.

The process has been somewhat impeded by my stupid choice of some redwood that happened to be lying around here as the material from which to make molds for the two high-pressure "tanks" that bring air into the intercooler and conduct it thence to the throttle body.

Redwood is a material of constantly varying density, and singularly ill suited to mold-making.

The pitch changes with airbrake and flap retraction are quite marked, but easily managed if you're prepared for them.

I collected some temperature readings in the duct leading into the oil cooler, with and without the deflector.

The only way I will know for certain is by measuring the temperature in the duct with and without the deflector in place.

My seemingly successful installation of a new battery in the #1 Lowrance has resulted in a unit that remembers its settings, but refuses to lock onto a satellite, even though it passes its self-tests okay.

After writing an Aftermath column in which the cause of the crash was the pilot's faulty handling of an aborted landing, I became curious about whether Melmoth 2 could climb with full flap and airbrake -- one of many things that I have never tested.

I tried it, and found that at 70 kias I could climb at several hundred feet a minute at 26/2800, which is nowhere near full power.

Now that I have replaced its internal battery, it remembers that it is supposed to be producing NMEA output for the autopilot coupler.

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