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Word of the relationship spread at Winchell's Army base where he was harassed by fellow soldiers and ultimately murdered.

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We intermittently see her dreamily smelling flowers, spinning in front of a mirror, and splashing in a bubble bath.

When the usually animated Alec communicates with the men, he’s as dead serious as ’s host Chris Harrison, who acts like he’s presiding over the election of a prime minister. They all claim they’re looking for a partner, but most have never dated a trans woman.

She orders the boys to feed and fan her, and some happily oblige while others grow self-conscious (you’d think reality show contestants would have a high threshold for embarrassment). We get the obligatory limousine ride to the airport with the loser and the survivors sipping champagne with our heroine.

After she’s sated, Calpernia retires to a secret room with Andrea to spy on the boys via closed-circuit cameras -- many are flirting shamelessly with the harem's belly dancers. A preview of next week’s episode follows, and we see one of our beaus flirting with Calpernia as he holds a two-foot-long sausage in his hand.

Deep Stealth creates educational and entertainment material around gender-identification issues and the experiences of differently-gendered people.

Addams and James coached Felicity Huffman for her Academy Award-nominated performance as a transgender woman in the film Transamerica.

Calpernia is accompanied by her friend Andrea James; each episode is hosted by comedian Alec Mapa.

Transamerican Love Story is the first reality dating show in the United States in which contestants compete for the attention and approval of a transgender woman. Zack Rosen of the Washington Blade praised the series, describing it as "refreshing for its lack of sensationalism".

Addams said, "I hope This Is Our Love Story will help young transgender people as they come out.

By seeing the happy, confident woman I've become, I hope I can act as a role model for these young people at a critical moment in their development." Addams has released a single entitled "Stunning", available on i Tunes.

MTV Networks published the complete series on DVD in 2008.

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