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This means that not only do you not have a delay waiting for the camera to turn on, but you can even set the system to keep up to 30 second before or after the event, so that you see what happened before it happened. When you watch your cameras remotely, that's what you connect back to.

That means that there's no SCW server to go down or monthly bills to pay for viewing: it just uses the internet connection you already have.

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However, despite Microsoft’s assurances that the data is safe, one has only to look at how Xbox’s Live Platform servers were brought down by hackers on Christmas Day to realise that our data is far from secure.

These spies in our living rooms are chillingly comparable to a passage in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which every home in George Orwell’s terrifying vision of a constantly monitored future is equipped with an all-seeing ‘telescreen’.

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If you own a ‘smart TV’ from South Korean tech giant Samsung, every word you say can be captured by the device and beamed over the internet to Samsung and to any other companies with whom it chooses to share your data.

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In its privacy policy, Samsung states that images of your face are not sent over the internet, but why should we take such claims on trust?

Likewise, even if we turn off the voice recognition function, how can we be sure they are not recording what we say anyway.

The truth is there are hundreds of ways in which we consumers have permitted multinationals to invade our homes with devices that can record every word we say and every movement we make — even every toss and turn when we are asleep.

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