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But, because it's 2017, that hatchet is up in the air after Mase hopped on Funk Flex's Instagram last night to gloat. As a man that's what you do after you win unanimously." If that wasn't enough, Mase called into the Ebro In The Morning this morning (November 27) and explained why "The Oracle" isn't an example of friendly competition. When asked about what exactly pushed him over the edge, Mase answered, "Saying something about a person, I don't take that seriously.

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After her divorce from Sony honcho Tommy Mottola, Mimi went on a bit of a dating spree, hooking up with Yankees star Derek Jeter, Latin hunk Luis Miguel and rapper Cam’ron. Pharrell Williams has always been hush hush about his romantic moves but in the early 2000s, the eccentric producer had a cougar moment when he began hooking up Jade Jagger across the pond.

Skateboard P and Mick Jagger’s daughter were an odd pair.

Rappers usually don’t admit to love—on or off wax--and rarely step out publicly with anyone special. The streetwise rapper (who infamously got shot nine times) and the no-holds-barred talk show queen only dated for a few months and apparently he was a total sweetheart.

Save for the rare celebrity power couple like Jay Z and Beyonce or Kim and Kanye, rappers like being (or at least publicly appearing) single. "He's actually a lot different than you would think," Chelsea said to Howard Stern.

Back in 2006, the funnyman and the unrecognizable Kim dated and for whatever reason, he keeps talking about this relationship (even posting throwback pics on his Instagram). When they weren’t making sweet music on 2002’s “Boy (I Need You),” the two were heating up the streets of New York City with their fling.

Adding to the ick factor, Nick’s recently hinted that he may have smashed happy about ex-hubby Nick Cannon dating Kim Kardashian, but the songbird has her own romantic past. Then on 2015’s “Better Have My Money,” Cam confirms: “I ain't talking music when I say I did sh** with Mariah/Nick wasn't there, nor was Mottola.” 5. Sadly, the social media fairytale did not have a happy ending. Big Sean dumped Naya, she accused him of stealing her Rolex and both moved on to other relationships. Pharrell Williams and Jade Jagger Moves like Jagger?

In the mid-1990s, Cam'ron and Mase are partners-in-rhyme in the Harlem collective Children of the Corn.

While shrouded in mystery, the underground group would make enough of a name for themselves to earn major label attention.

I'll holla, Jones." Cam and Mase would later carry on the truce, collaborating for the first time in years for "Get It." In 2010, Cam'ron calls out Mase for missing the funeral for his absence from Huddy "Hud 6" Combs' funeral. F—k that." Moments after the spiel, Cam then went on to explain the pressure his friend dealt with during his rise.

In a tribute freestyle over Eminem's "No Love," Cam calls out his childhood friend, rapping, "145 and St. Niggas ain't gonna motherf—king harass me if I'm in church. He said, ' Yo, they can't beef with me, they can't ask me for nothing.

"There's a hell up in Harlem." Like the classic lyric from Puff Daddy on 1997's "What You Gonna Do?

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