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It’s always a bit hilarious realizing how precious Louise is about Santa and Christmas, considering how cunning and adultlike she can be. Fishoeder singing a boozy Christmas song while his brother, Felix, ice-skates to a somewhat racy number.The reason why this episode ranks a bit lower than some might expect is because I believe Linda deserves better.Bonus: the credits’ song led by Linda is a standout.

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Basically, he’s a hoarder in desperate need of therapy.

It’s a simple episode, bolstered by its genuine interest in how the dynamics of our childhoods haunt our adulthood, and it’s another example of Bob’s obsessive quest to pull off the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Tina’s erotic fiction stories have been a defining aspect of the character since the first season.

In “The Quirkducers,” her stories are pushed to the forefront when Louise decides to use the latest one, “The Quirky Turkey,” as a way to sabotage Mr.

This episode was originally going to be lower on the list since I wasn’t quite struck by it when I watched it a couple years ago.

But in rewatching it, I noticed how deftly it was constructed (the failed, too-early attempts at Christmas trees feel like mini-episodes on their own) and it’s charming in its embrace of weirdness.

“Nice-Capades” isn’t so much a bad episode as it is a forgettable one.

It centers on Louise’s fevered efforts to get on the good side of a mall-Santa she pissed off out of the fear that he’ll contact the real Santa, meaning she and the rest of the Belcher children will only get coal for Christmas.

Bob needs to step up his Valentine’s Day romanticism.

He tries this year anyway when the kids skip school in order to help him get the best Valentine’s Day present for Linda, which turns into an adventure to track down a game they played on their first date.

understands the blend of wonder and anxiety that comes with the holidays.

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