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Both phone tapes were anonymously leaked to tabloids and subsequently released to the public.27.

Paparazzi would try to provoke reactions out of Diana and shout awful things. The Royal Palace officially announced Charles and Diana would separate on Dec. In 1993, press intrusion into the royal family was SO BAD that Parliament actually summoned the leaders of UK’s tabloid newspapers to discuss the subject of “privacy.”30.

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And, according to Diana, she was looking for Camilla as she walked up the aisle.15.

Diana broke with tradition by not saying that “she promises to obey” during her wedding ceremony.16.

750 million people around the world watched the wedding take place. On the honeymoon yacht, Charles was wearing cufflinks that Camilla gave him.18.

Usually, royals gave birth in the palace, but Diana had William in a hospital.19.

1981 - 1996Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married in a very public wedding in 1981.

They divorced in 1996 after she accused him of having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.Less than an hour after Diana and Charles arrived at Kensington palace with their newborn baby (Harry), Charles left to go play polo.He was allegedly upset that Harry had ginger hair and looked like a Spencer (aka Diana's side of the family).20. Following rumors of Charles and Camilla reigniting their relationship, Diana confronted Camilla at a dinner hosted by Camilla and her sister, Annabel.Diana's sister, Sarah, dated Prince Charles before Diana did.3.Diana worked at a nursery school before she became a princess.4.Diana was only 19 when she got engaged and married to Charles. After their engagement was announced, Charles was asked if they were in love, and he said, “Whatever ‘in love’ means..a range of interpretations.”8.

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