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Please note that alcohol is not made available to away fans inside the stadium.The King Street Brew House is a city centre pub & microbrewery located on the cobbled street corner of King Street and Welsh Back waterside.

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Nick Wootten of Bristol informed me that this term comes from where the old Eastville stadium in Bristol was sited. In fact it was rumoured that if Rovers were losing at half time, the gas would be turned up, to put off the opposition!

There is a bar behind the clubhouse terrace at the ground that allows in away supporters.

The stand only runs for just over half the width of the pitch, has several supporting pillars running across the front and has been nicknamed 'the tent' by Rovers fans.

Opposite is the Blackthorn End, which is a covered terrace for home supporters.

Not far from the Memorial Stadium on Gloucester Road is the Wellington.

This pub which is owned by Bath Ales, serves food too and normally has a mix of home and away fans on matchdays.

On one side is the West Stand, which with its pavilion looks more like a cricket stand.

It has a row of hospitality boxes across the top, with a few rows of seats in front. Just under this stand's roof is a television gantry and a small electric scoreboard.

The open terrace makes it difficult for away fans to really generate some noise.

Up to 1,100 away supporters can be accommodated in this area.

They can still do a good rendition of their club anthem ' Goodnight Irene', when the occasion stirs.

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