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While you continue to be racist and just plain stupid, the races will keep on having SEX with each other and producing children.

So please don't change a thing :) white women rating black male faces as most attractive?

Has anyone thought out the results of all this intermarriage?

Thats right up there with unicorns,pixies and the easter bunny.

Im sure that may be the case with overweight white chicks however...equally as lame as white males rating asian female faces as more attractive-which is also--BS.

In conclusion, I think the study should mention that it is most likely European countries (and former colonies) that will experience this.

It is known that greater genetic variation is associated with reduced incidence of certain diseases – cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease and hemophilia – all which can occur when an individual inherits two copies of the relevant defective gene.

In the United States, one in ten married couples are interracial, an increase of 28% over ten years.

A recent Pew survey found nine in ten Americans viewed mixed ethnicity marriage as neutral or a change for the better in society.

I am in a mixed race/ethnicity marriage because you can't control who you fall in love with.

I disagree that mixed race relationships are going to be the normal trend all over the world.

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