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The line thus situated was the one in which the thiee day.s' battles were fought. Hancock commanded the left and centre on the 3d, when Long- street was repulsed from his desperate charge upon our lines. Grant spent the whole of last evening with the President. (Special to Pozt, — It is reported that the Wavs and Means Committee are now unanimously opposed to any tax on whis- ky on any other commodity on hand. — It CY Lk«.\tra- ordinary mystery attaches, Yoi.a, a young girl j of marve lous grnce? AGEN'TS WANTED - In every coun- ty in Minneso U, tocau N-ass for " Buvajj r's Ilis Toity or thk Gi'[jsiuan Massack mh'J4- . Meade had noth- ing to do with the selection of the line of battle, and trusted it entirely to Hancock's judgment. Morris is understood to be the author of the biographical sketch which appcareil in the National Intelligencer of Monday. He will re- turn from Brandy Station in a few days, when the contemplated changes in the or- ganization of the army of the Potomac will be announced. The House Committee on Judiciary was yesterday discharged from further con- sideration of the memorials asking for the impeachment of Juilge Miller of the distr ct of Missouri (not Iowa as has been erroneously stated.) there being nothing against biiu to justify such a proceeding. The steamer Silver Moon from Met.i- phis passed up this morning for Cinci 1- nati, with 73 bales of cotton, a lar. aud loveliness, und( r charge I uf I'adro La Kso, and reputed among the inliab- ilant-i of I la (irotde to be his niece — a glo'ious , type ot the .'cimeu copies seat free. ; The loss to the Government, including : buildings, is estimateurned Gorman's stone block, the stable adjoining, and one or two small buildings.

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The greater portion of the pnp- erty in the lodge was saved, but in a damaged condition.

The stone block was occupied on the first floor by Peter Harfffor a dwelling, and on the second floor hy the Odd Fellow's Ilall and law offices.

Louis l^^n's first contribution to the coliiinii B of the KKW YOKK WKEKl. lie himself In j a leitm l» uh Hav K :— " It t« Inflnitely superior to i any tiling which I have ever written." This i splendid romanc« is entitled VEE SILVER SHIP : oil, The the *.

Asa writer of ronuinc-, It ii not too much to say, that he K;and« without a superior on eltiier side of the A ;lantic.

He was engaged in forming a line when the 3rd corps came up, and position was assigned them.

He then reported by an aid to General Meade and the remaining portions of the army were ordered up. The Coinmis8ionpan 8h-Aui:ricans of iii« f lines, hefori' the proper waii known, Le S.ilmnso del Mar f;«riie, cr the Uioodhouud of the Carribbo Hii — a title that arose from his terribly mycitrlous way of learning about the movemcnta of troarure* ships, an 1 tracking them, a secret which is clear- ly oxplai lod for the timo in these page.-:. Let us recognize the sulferings which we have been called upon to en- dure as administered by a fatherly hand for our improvement, and with resolute courage and patient endurance let u? In furtherance of these objects, now therefore, I, Jefferson Davis, Presidci t in yes- terday. ^'mpowered to settle all chimd arising m honor which Minnesota has always held ' before the throne of the Mo t High, and j ^be-v..^^^^^^^^^ I while gratefully acknowledging so many 1 ""'^ i^ieiit. Minnesota cannot afford to be disso- ciated in the hour of its final triumph from that noble army in all whose heroic struggles Irom first to last it has borne a part made illustnuus to all time by the valor of her sons. FRO.n mercies, confess that our sins as a people have justly e.xposed us to his chastise- ment. government, by putting to 'death the ' *as»e of its .pualities before he returns j chosen servants of the people, has been ' '* ^'*^* ,, ,..,. Our armies , ^l.e House Mili Ury Committee was , have been strengthened, our finances | *ga»» under consideration to-d.y the! Sims, Vawter & Uom , Pollock, Donaldson & Ogden, C. A Bloodhound of Carribbean, S PA NTS JJ- A Mh' BWA N S TOU i BY LOUIS LEO-N'. g-.\^Zi ^^ • vm '^r* A /^TIPO ^" *''* House of Commons Mr. s n.t p,mi,hed by , thc Govem.nent, nndtli-J c..nvcnt;iji; Provost tpe^pct the next time, awi ir^U act accord- \ But tbe Fond du Lac (Wis.,) Press, of | March I9tb, is impati- nt with tl'C Attitre 1 tens«ofthe subjunctive mood in which the If O'W gives in its adhesion to the sanguinary plot for the assa«-,ination o' ; Union citizens, and affjr subscribing j •without reservation to the " spirited and very appropritite paragraph of the Chica- go Times," proceeds to say : meclianics and laboring men of Minneso ta. S \ Colonel: I am directed by the com- manding General to say to you, and through vou to tbe officers and men or , your con'imand, that he is highly gratified .

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