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Only unlike the couple who will inevitably begin macking in front of you in the drugstore line, you won't want to force your eyes away from this PDA: Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans' sultry ad for Gucci's new Gucci Guilty Eau fragrances.

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That's really what you want, just a good partner. I think what people are most attracted to is somebody who can stand on their own, and knows what they want, and they don't need anyone to complete them. Lipstick: What beauty look do you gravitate toward when you want to feel confident and sexy? I like my baseball caps and my baggy jeans and boots and a more tough laid-back look.

Lipstick: The campaign is all about seduction, what do you think is the most seductive quality a person can have? If you can wear a ponytail and a pair of sweatpants without caring, that to me is one of my favorite looks. __ERW:__It's funny, I think a lot of women would agree that it changes with the way you feel. I feel the best when I stop caring and stay comfortable and more natural. Lipstick: Did it take you a while to get to this point of feeling beautiful by being natural? __ERW:__I think I did realize that early on, and then I went through a fun phase where I was figuring out who I was and the different sides of myself.

I think I remember being pretty sore at the end of the day actually.

So it looked natural, but it can be silly and fun doing it.” “Chris and I had a lot of fun doing that, he’s one of my very good friends now,” she says.

We're doing a project, and we're playing characters, and we may as well just have fun and not be nervous.

But again, Chris is so fun and cool, and one of my friends, so it made me comfortable.

But one of my favorite moments was after we were done.

Chris popped a bottle of champagne into the director's face! Lipstick: Your on-screen chemistry together is Sriracha-level hot. __CE:__Well, unfortunately those shoots can be a little more technical than you think.

“We bonded almost immediately and giggled our way through the whole thing.

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