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/ Mayor Shelbourne brings a panda to Swallow Falls, but when the town falls under the panda's spell it's up to Flint and Sam to find out what's really going on. ” to “Easy there, Gretzky,” I think it's hilarious. True HD 1080p HD resolution allows you to view TV channel listings in the same amazing HD picture quality that you watch movies in.Episode info S1 Eps #06 Inventors Only / Clock-A-Doodle Doom (CC/DV) Flint is excited to discover there's another inventor in town, but Sam suspects the inventor has an ulterior motive for befriending Flint. on NBC The classic story of George Bailey (James Stewart), and how he rediscovered the spirit of Christmas when the whole world was falling apart around him."It's Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown" Airs: Nov. The HD Guide fits the entire width of your TV screen, with sharp 16:9 resolution.

Episode info S1 Eps #013 Bad Po (CC) After an incident with the Mystical Mirror of Yin and Yang, Po is acting strangely. Macaulay Culkin plays Kevin Mc Allister, a kid who only realizes how much his family means to him when they leave him alone at Christmastime."Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" Airs: Dec. You can watch television while viewing a mini version of the on-screen guide, for enhanced uninterrupted viewing.

Episode info S4 Eps #007 The Arena of Carnage (CC) The Turtles are captured and thrown into the Triceraton Arena! Press the arrow up button on your Shaw Remote to access the quick bar, which displays what programming is coming up next without disrupting your current program.

/ When Plankton gets kicked out of the house, it’s up to Sponge Bob to teach him how to win his computer wife back. "Jingle All the Way." (Photo: 20th Century Fox)"Jingle All the Way" Airs: Dec. on CBC Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a dad hellbent on getting his son the hottest toy this holiday season."Kung Fu Panda Holiday" Airs: Nov. on CW Po (Jack Black) is tasked with hosting a holiday banquet with all the Masters of Kung Fu. The scenes with the two brothers, played by Reynolds and Marquette, are priceless. Click through to individual show pages for Described Video availability. Timezone: Choose a Province 2016 CHRISTMAS Sched YULE IS HERE! Our HD Guide features everything you love and is loaded with tons of advanced features.

Episode info S1 Eps #05 Spoiler Orb / The Pandas Are Coming (CC/DV) Flint modifies Sam's weather-predicting orb to predict the future, but knowing their future isn't as fun as they thought it would be. on ABC This special celebrates the 50th anniversary of "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Kristen Bell, Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison star."I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown" Airs: Dec. on ABC Re Run, the younger brother of Lucy and Linus, prefers to spend the holidays with Snoopy instead of his own family."Jack Frost" Airs: Dec. But it's happening on the very same night as his father's own party. This got mixed reviews when it was released, but honestly, from “Dusty Lee? The guide includes Parental Controls, 14 days advance programming, PPV access, reminders and more, but now it's designed specifically with HD in mind.

Episode info (CC) Episode info S3 Eps #010 What’s the Worst That Quad Happen? Press "Guide" on your Shaw Remote to access the full screen view.

The Quads have to try their best to behave for two days and resist opening a mysterious present, but quickly find out how badly things can go if they don't follow the rules. on ABC Spark It's Christmastime, and a gang of monsters is tearing the small town of Kingston Falls apart. You can adjust the transparency of this guide in your Settings so you can browse the TV listings while viewing your current show in the background.

/ When Chuck accidentally gets his mom stuck in her car, he covers her gig catering a big party that’s overrun by angry dinnerware.,, Episode info S10 Eps # 209 Sponge Bob’s Place/Plankton Gets the Boot When Sponge Bob cooks at home, Mr. on CBC One of England's most eccentric people conducts a band, stops a Christmas thief and badly misreads what his girlfriend wants him to buy her for Christmas."Merry Madagascar" Airs: Nov. on CW The animals of Madagascar have to save Christmas when Santa Claus crashes nearby."Michael Buble's Christmas in Hollywood" Airs: Dec. I think this is a tragically underrated holiday film, with many laugh-out-loud moments. The list is getting very long so I created it's own page. Intuitive browsing The new HD Guide allows you to continue watching your current program, while simultaneously viewing the guide, with four different guide views to choose from.

Krabs’ customers leave his restaurant and head for Sponge Bob’s Place. on ABC Spark Michael Keaton plays a snowman who's magically brought to life. on CBC A hockey-loving kid becomes one of the world's greatest players thanks to a pair of magic, second-hand skates."Merry Christmas Mr. It's the story of a guy who was an awkward nerd as a teen, becomes a cool guy as an adult, but ends up back home at Christmas and turns right back into an awkward nerd, much to his horror. Full access Access the entire Shaw On Demand library, which includes 10 000 titles, with 1700 in HD, many in 1080p and 3D. You can instantly access all of your Favourites and so much more on the Main Menu — all with one simple click of your remote.

Episode info Jailbreak/Evil Spatula (CC) Jailbreak! An imprisoned Plankton teams up with his fellow inmates to break out of jail and steal the Krabby Patty secret formula. You can create up to five customized Favourites or use pre-set lists, such as Movies, HD or Sports.

Evil Spatula Sponge Bob replaces his broken spatula with one from Plankton, which may or may not have magical powers. on CBC This family classic has hardly aged in 25 years. The new HD Guide allows you to continue watching your current program, while simultaneously viewing the guide, with four different guide views to choose from: View your TV listings in a very similar full-screen version of the picture-in-picture on-screen guide you have traditionally been used to.

After eavesdropping on his parents, Lincoln thinks they have decided to get rid of their kids! He finds himself alone in New York, pursued once again by thieves with a big grudge after what he did to them at his own house. Enjoy many more features to help you get to the content you want faster and customized by you.

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