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Dominique Ansel Bakery Admittedly, if I had to choose a ‘bae’ in my life, right now it would be food.So, when I go on dates, food is a big one; if you don’t like food, particularly over the top decadent food from time to time (read that as most of the time) then it’s not going to work.

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Check out our guide to winter cinemas here Manetta The other day I went to Manetta, Flemings Mayfair’s new hidden bar – Agatha Christie was inspired by the hotel for one of her books and now the bar gives a nod back to the crime writer.

When I visited I thought that it would make for an ideal date spot and not just because I love Agatha Christie.

When it comes to cute, date spots with indulgent food it has to be Dominique Ansel’s Bakery. Sure, they have the Cronuts ® which everyone knows about, but they also have so much more.

You can still get the shots in, the Cookie Shots that is…; order in around of the Blossoming Hot Chocolates and watch the little marshmallow, melt like your heart and then tuck into one of the new Christmas cakes like the Santa Religieuse filled with milk and cookie ganache.

This Christmas, we’ve called in the help of a few friends to guide you through some of the more trying situations the festive season can bring.

Here, Dolly Alderton talks romance and embracing the sugary intensity of dating at Christmastime. There’s been the summer of Strongbow, the summer of Devon seaside.

Team that with the almost apocalyptic feeling that everything fun or exciting has to be squeezed in before we all head home on December 24th for a week of sitting and chewing, and you have all the components for the beginnings of a love story.

Christmas is a time when every single one of us, in our own way, let our cold, cynical hearts thaw out a bit.

Of course Christmas, and the immediate aftermath, are also classic break-up territory too, meaning that your dating choices have to be especially en pointe.

So with the pressure piling on, we asked our editorial team, Fenella, Phil and Emily, for dating ideas – with the slight caveat that two are single (applications within) and one’s married, here’s our expert opinion, please remember us in the wedding speeches.

How could we forget the one just gone; the summer of Bardot necklines.

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