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in The Best of DC # 10 (1981); The Best of DC #32 (1983.)] ** no. 389 (June 1970.) "The Superman Legend: Rogues' Gallery!

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v Count Wolfgang von Roehmer, Helena Ayres [Ghost Manor #57 (1981.)] b. v Unnamed [Forbidden Worlds #6(1952.)] Cover: Paul Horn.

1984.) “I Love the Night” by Donald Roeseri, George Doro & Kirk Bath.

v vampire bats let loose by Communist spies in the American West, defeated by patriotic American cowboys and Old West ghosts.

29 (March 1952.) "Invasion of the Ghost Monsters.” 9p.

v Count Wolfgang von Roehmer, Helena Ayres [Ghost Manor #57 (1981.)] c. v Unnamed [Forbidden Worlds #6(1952.)] Adventures into Weird Worlds.

A woman who poses as a vampire in order to murder her husband is undone by a real vampire v John Ashby [rpt. 99 (June/July 1966.) "Super-Hope Meets Super-Hip." 24p. 104 (Apr./May 1967.) "Somebody Stole Our Teachers— Hooray! 1997.) "Without and Within" by David Michelinie & Tom Grummett. 1 Philly Ashcan edition (1995.) "Wrathbone and Bitchula" by John Heebink. v The Hyena (a vampire-like creature who survives by “absorbing” the dead.) ** no.

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