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it would have been so much worse.''There were nights I couldn't sleep, that I prayed to God, because it is a long process.

But thank God the worst is over.''For any parent, it's devastating to receive news like this.

Stand up comedy is a new departure for David Gilna, who branched into perhaps the bravest and loneliest art form there is after a successful run of sketch comedy which gained him a lot of followers and fans on social media.

According to David, it was his agent that suggested he should stop writing comedy for other people and take on some live stand-up himself.

When things like those that happened to us occur, your take on life changes. And I want them to know that they reached us and that it helped us a lot to come through this.'It’s difficult for me to speak about this, it’s very recent and I’m still a bit sensitive about the subject.

But the love is daily, when people stop me in the street.

In March, the couple were delighted to confirm Noah was 'well' again after successfully completing four months of chemotherapy in the US.

Thanking doctors and fans, Luisana said at a press conference: 'Thank God, my son is well. I would like to thank people for their support, for the prayers they said, for their love.

The Vampire Diaries was a defining series for The CW.

What initially appeared as the network jumping on the bandwagon of the vampire craze that was reignited by the Twilight movies blossomed into a hit drama series that garnered strong ratings for most of its run, and even spawned a spin-off, The Originals.

Lessons something go, but skinny friend seized the moment and proceeded to light Masturbation.

The guy is a bit confused, but quickly Packed up and took off all her clothes first with the girls, and then he stripped.

Last year, he stepped away from the spotlight as he took time out to care for his four-year-son Noah, who had been shockingly diagnosed with cancer.

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