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Each of these points is connected to a few other points (usually 2-5, theoretical limit is 1-26).

I have exactly one starting point and about 30 exit points (probably all of the exit points are connected to each other).

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This is called Depth-first search (DFS) as I found out in the meantime.

Maybe I should try Breadth-first search by adding some queue?

The connections between the points are actually moves you can make in the game and the points are how the game looks like after you made the move. generally this is called path finding You seemed to have tried 2 depth first searches.

What would be the algorithm to use for this problem? I suggest using a breadth first search (keep all paths of length n and then use those to find all paths of length n 1).

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A criminal complaint filed by Franklin police says Mark Daniels, who called 911, and Bill Umstead were in the upstairs of their home at 1313 New St.

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I have written a program to solve a special puzzle, but now I'm kind of stuck at the following problem: I have about 3200 points/nodes/dots.

This was looping at about a length of 120 nodes, so it tries chains that are (probably) by far too long.

If we calculate 4 possibilities and 120 nodes, we're reaching 1.7E72 possibilities, which is not possible to calculate through.

There is no distance between the points (unlike the road or train routing problem), just the number of hops counts.

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