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The recently announced Orange County Emergency Communications Center (ECC) is anticipated to be in operation January 31.

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Beginning in August 2017, four E-911 dispatchers with previous law enforcement dispatch experience worked with the sheriff’s office to provide the necessary coverage.

Nicola Tidey, Orange County’s E-911 Director and Public Safety Network Communications Manager, was one of those dispatchers.“All dispatchers from both centers are required to attend the communications basic class at the local academy,” she said.

However, the county will save $150,000 it intended to spend on a consultant to help with the consolidation, Tidey said.“Our recommended action is to allow staff to proceed with acquiring the hardware and software and making the necessary budget amendments to continue the consolidation of the Orange County E-911 Center and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch,” she told the supervisors.

With a motion by District 5 Supervisor Lee Frame and a second by District 4 Supervisor Jim Crozier, the supervisors authorized staff to make the necessary purchases.

In the early 1990s dispatch duties were split into two separate centers due to a political issue, he explained.“Currently, if you call 911 the communications officer asks if you need police, fire or rescue,” he said.

“If the response if for police the call is transferred to the sheriff’s office and we dispatch the appropriate law enforcement agency.

There are currently three phone positions within the Gordon Building, while four [total] dispatchers are on duty at a time.

The new equipment would cost the county approximately ,000, Tidey reported, and will be repurposed within the county’s consolidated public safety facility.

They decided on Orange County Emergency Communications Center.

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