No email neeed dating - Cotonou benin dating scams

This applies doubly to Beninese living abroad because cybercriminals seeps into the country using student visas, and then facilitate the frauds with the collaboration of accomplices in Benin.

Others solicit the help of victims caught on dating sites, both straight and gay.

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Translation by Google : Net scammers are lawless, inhumane and no mercy for their thousands of victims each year, ruined, destroyed, some even driven to suicide.

They have no morals, no creed, greed is matched only their egos and their cowardice, their God is money and the rest does not matter strictly and pathologically.

Le Bénin est devenu synonyme de fraude par Internet et tous les Béninois en paient le prix car nombreux commerçants internationaux refusent de négocier avec le pays et pour cause, l'honnête Béninois est souvent faussement soupçonné.

Ceci s'applique doublement aux Béninois vivants à l'étranger car les cybercriminels s'y infiltrent avec des visas d'étudiants, ce qui facilite par la suite les fraudes en collaboration avec des complices au Bénin.

Dear Friend, Thanks for your mail, i am Mr Ali Musa from Burkina Faso. The money has been in the account without any withdrawals and deposits.

I assure you once again that you stand no risk in assisting in this project as we are going to follow all the official and legal procedures to get all approvals in your favor as the beneficiary. This made me to have special interest in the account.

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Note that Benin cybercriminals exposed here are only a small fraction of the real number, and considering that the magnitude of the problem which has been getting worse over the years there has been little action from Benin authorities in my opinion.

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