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Chuck, oddly, has developed into a compassionate, bridge-building adult, and Dan Humphrey has come to enjoy dating a rich, famous person — although other than that, he’s still pretty much an awkward dork. ” Stickers:• Serena: “Ryan [Phillippe] totally lost his mojo after Reese got with Jake.” When you’re right, you’re right.

Plus 1.• Chuck, on his rooms in the Empire Hotel: “Blair’s favorite part? It’s naughty.” Plus only 1, because it’s not as though he needed to explain to Nate.• Dan: “As much as I enjoy talking to my ex-girlfriend about her fake boyfriend who is also my girlfriend’s ex …

In a vintage clip from the cringe-worthy appearance, Jon promised prospective date Mary Carter a "fabulous foot massage." Craig wanted to know if Jon, now 43, gives his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt "the ol' foot massage" like he promised this lady he would.

Before dating the actress, Jordan was claimed to be a gay by many sources, but after he started dating the actress, the rumors eventually faded away.

It is unknown when and why the two broke up, but later he started dating model Audrey Case who is also a former Dancing With the Stars contestant.

I mean, he actually put a little bit extra in at the end as well.

Yeah, he tipped me on the way out the door."His memories of hosting "The Late Late Show" are fond but Craig told Howard he doesn't miss having a nightly TV talk show.

Today we are going to talk about past relationships and affairs of the 23-year-old.

The Dancing With the Stars winner previously dated actress Nicole Lamb.

"I'll tell you why I can't be totally honest about it, because there's a clause in the contract that says I can't talk about it."However, when Howard asked if he was close with guesses of a million bonus and a million a year salary, Craig answered "in that neighborhood." Craig then revealed CBS President and CEO Les Moonves actually gave him more money than he had to."It was totally fair," Craig said.

"It was a handshake deal with Moonves and he totally showed up.

With his mind made up, Craig exited "The Late Late Show" and did not take over for Letterman.

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