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According to the FAQ on its website, Cupidtino Why?

Diehard Mac & Apple fans often have a lot in common – personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics, taste, and a love for technology.

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Apple computer users are some of the most devoted and passionate on the planet.

But can Macbooks, i Pads and i Phones actually unite people in love? The company, which launched its online dating service for Apple fanboys and fangirls in 2010, is expanding with a new i Phone app that’s described as the “first-ever Mac-inspired dating app designed exclusively for fans of Apple products.” Tech Crunch just wrote about the new app, but what caught my interest was the background of the creators.

Cupidtino is currently working on a customizable function to "Meet at the Nearest Mac Store."Where do most Cupidtino members hail from? Their number one favorite song is Viva la Vida by Coldplay.

In order, the top seven countries with members are the U. Uprising by Muse comprises the second spot, with Lady Gaga songs -- Bad Romance and Alejandro -- in third and fourth place. "Making sure that Apple fans only date other Apple fans is a good way of stopping them from spreading their Apple fan genes to the general population, I guess," wrote blogger Michael Arrington on Tech Crunch before the site's launch.

Jesse had a longtime ambition of working at Apple's Cupertino headquarters, and joined 'Macheart' dating website Cupidtino mostly for networking purposes.

But one user, a military man stationed in Japan, caught her attention.

“It doesn’t feel any different than working on any other unrelated idea/startup,” he tells Geek Wire.

“The fact that we are in Microsoft’s backyard hasn’t helped/hurt our work.” The Cupidtino team is actually split between Seattle and California, with Kelkar saying they still have a number of friends at the software giant and “respect many aspects about Microsoft as a company.” But I doubt that means there will be Windows Phone app for Cupidtino anytime soon.

and Microsoft, but not Apple—based in San Francisco.

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